Social pedagogical horse activity

Social pedagogical horse activity

Preventing and remedial social rehabilitation method in preventing social exclusion.

Social pedagogical horse activity strives to prevent social exclusion and support social growth and welfare. The basis of the activity is the interaction between human and horse as well as the stable environment where the activity takes place.

The basic elements of the activity originate in the social pedagogical theory: communality, memorability, functionality and quality of being dialogical (genuine encounter). Social pedagogical horse activity is based on the individual’s own experience and thus learning and realization of facts.

The activity conducted with the horse is communal, comprehensive and engaging. The aim is to use the horse to show the importance of the things of which one’s well-being consists of, such as cleanness, healthy nutrition, regular meal times, suitable exercise and sufficient rest.

Communality: interaction, engagement

Memorability: experiences and sharing them, parts of adventure and experience pedagogy

Functionality: co-operation, participation, taking responsibility.

In our stable all our doing wells uo from the social pedagogical theory. All people and all individuals are welcome.

Anki will attend the social pedagogical horse activity education next year.